The animation field is not limited to major motion picture studio productions. The animation industry has come a long way from the days of hand-drawn cel animation cartoons. Along with what is generally regarded as the traditional animation industry there are diverse and wide ranging opportunities for an animation graduate, making the animation degree a creative but practical solution for developing a rewarding career.

Where will I work?

Animation Production Studios
Film, Television and Video Production Studios
Game Design and Software Companies
Comic Book Companies
Advertising Firms
Graphic Design Firms
Web Design Firms
Architectural Firms
Independent Studio
Medical Labs

Science Labs
Manufacturers and Industrial Design Firms
Aerospace Design
Environmental Agencies
Automotive Companies
Crime Labs
Interior Design Firms
Real Estate Companies
Government Agencies

What will I do there?

3D Modeler
Art Director
Background Painter
Comic Book Artist
Character Rigger
Color Key Artist
Compositing Artist
Concept Artist
Digital Painter
Key Animator
Layout Artist
Character Animator
Forensic Animator
Flash Animator
Stop Motion Animator

Effects Animator
Render Wrangler
Storyboard Artist
Pre-visual Artist
Texture Artist
Stereoscopic Artist
Lighting Technician
Roto Artist
Visual Development Artist
Technical Director
Match Move Artist
Production Manager
Production Assistant
Voice Acting

“Animators are great observers, and there’s this childlike wonder and interest in the world, the observation of little things that happen in life.”

John Lasseter