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Welcome to the Webster University Animation Program located in the School of Communications. Our students are exceptional, our program is phenomenal, and our students’ work can speak for itself. So before you go any further… see for yourself.


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Webster University brings in talented, industry leaders to give lectures, presentations, and master classes. See who has visited in the past and who will be visiting the campus in the future.

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Webster University has a diverse and eclectic group of animators, concept designers, comic book artists, illustrators, filmmakers, actors, storytellers, visual effects artists, festival managers, and fine artists that bring nuanced understanding and industry experience to the animation program.

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The facilities and resources available at Webster are unsurpassed. Students are given all they need to succeed. Webster University has the equipment for a student to go full-on “Old School analogue” and duplicate the processes used during the Golden Age of animation as well as all of the leading industry 3D animation and sculpting programs.

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The animation program allows students to study traditional animation, 3D animation, modeling, texturing, voice acting, concept design, storyboarding, and comic book creation. The curriculum is designed to develop students’ understanding of visual storytelling as well as preparing them for the future with a concentration on professional development.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Animation offers students the opportunity to learn core principles and techniques focusing on storytelling, motion, drawing, performance, and expression through traditional and digital forms.

Each student will undertake an intensive course of study including character animation, experimental concepts, fine art techniques and diverse applications, building a strong, global foundation before embarking upon an eventual area of concentration.

Webster offers students a liberal arts education to broaden perspectives and to better approach life in an informed and thoughtful way.

Students have the option of working with 2D and 3D forms of animation including CGI, VFX, stop motion, clay, cut paper and pixilation.

These techniques will be applied to a number of applications including narrative and experimental film, video games and comic book creation.

Webster graduates work in the industry with companies such as Disney, Dreamworks, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Motion Picture Company, Dark Horse, Industrial Light and Magic, Digital Domain, Stereo D, and Legend 3D.

Marlon West Speaks at Webster

Marlon West Speaks at Webster

Effects animator Marlon West will be speaking at Webster University for the St. Louis International Film Festival Thursday, Nov. 10 at 7:30pm. West started his career on The Lion King and has since worked on features including Mulan and Frozen. He is now the head of... read more
Adobe Initiative and Partnership

Adobe Initiative and Partnership

Webster University has a new agreement to partner with Adobe Systems to provide the entire Creative Cloud Suite of applications for School of Communications students (including non-majors taking classes within the School of Communications) at no charge.  That’s right,... read more
Kinematifest 9

Kinematifest 9

Webster University’s Ninth Annual Animation and Interactive Media Festival was a success. Kinematifest 9 featured many excellent short films from around the world and presented some otherworldly illustrations in the concept design category. Keynote speaker Jerry... read more

“I never decided to be an artist. Simply, I couldn’t stop myself from drawing. I drew for my own pleasure. I never wanted to know whether or not someone liked my drawings. I have never kept one of my drawings. I drew on walls, the school blackboard, odd bits of paper, the walls of barns.”

Winsor McCay

Animator / Illustrator / Cartoonist