Webster University is unique and forward thinking. Students have the opportunity to develop their own voice and identity in an environment where faculty, administration, and other students challenge them to reach their full potential.

The academic life of an animation major can be quite rigorous, but there are several ways for students to get involved in a variety of interests. There is gaming to be done, anime to be watched, and pizza to be consumed. This is just a small sample of the clubs available. Who is up for Quidditch or Humans Vs. Zombies?


We are an active group of students who are interested in forwarding our goals in the digital arts, while having fun learning from each other and professionals in the industry. We celebrate animation, art, audio, film, character design and games alike. We do many activities from workshops and tutorials to film and game nights. Here we appreciate and learn more about the digital arts with every meeting. Any and all majors are welcome!

Anime Club

We seek to create a safe space for “nerds” and “geeks” of all stripes. Our main interest is the viewing of Anime. The club will include monthly meetings for Cosplay.

Video Game Club

The Webster Video Game Club consists of a diverse group of gamers. We welcome casual players, hardcore fans, and anyone in between. We host a variety of meetings and events, each showcasing a variety of games. Come for the fun, stay for the friends!

Video Game Dev Guild

Want to learn to make video games? We are a group dedicated to learning to make video games as soon as possible, and developing our resumes with actual experience producing games.

Webster Quidditch

We explore the game of Quidditch from the Harry Potter series, promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. We also provide stress relief through events and sports activities that focus on the Harry Potter universe.

Emerging Entrepreneurs (E-Club)

E-Club is focused on engagement with the emerging and innovation communities of Entrepreneur networks made available through the local area of Saint Louis. Any Webster University student in the business of the arts, media communications and technologies would benefit from being involved with the E-Club.

Humans Vs. Zombies

Humans Vs. Zombies is a club promoting fun activities surrounding the popular zombie fad. This includes one week long game of HvZ per semester.

Let me see all the clubs…

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.”

Walt Disney

Entrepreneur / Animator / Film Producer